A software professional platform
to manage clinical data and test execution

Helix: the software

HEDERA HELIX  is the innovative modular software platform developed to manage clinical data and testing, as well as diagnostic reports in a simple, safe and efficient way, thanks to an excellent design and the ability to run supported tests with high accuracy and reliability.
Its continuous evolution allows a constant update of functions and performances for HERMES,SOCRATES and further supported products.

HELIX NET license allows to connect multiple locations, departments, hospitals, or extended territories, meeting the increasing need for a variety of applications for private health-care professionals and hospitals, as well as for screening management over large areas.

HEDERA HELIX is the result of a hard and continuous development work, that aims to meet the most frequent and critical clinical challenges, and relies on the constant help of health-care professionals and researchers.


HELIX: easy management of the patient clinical history

HELIX securly and easily manages personal and clinical patient data, thanks to:
— Account creation with selectable access rights
— Customizable folders, to coordinate patients according to many operational needs
 Statistics related to the need for automated screening and clinical management practices
 Execution, visualization and management of patient tests, by different devices and from a single application
Customizable and intuitive diagnostic report
 Image and video storage from other devices


HELIX: safe clinical data storage

The HELIX platform is equipped with advanced storage system, to secure clinical data in any eventuality:
—  The automatic backup system provides automatic data storage on physical media or external remote server, by editable store scheduling
—  The restore system let you access the selected data restore point, in case of accidental loss of stored data( eg. Malfunctioning hardware )

  • abr
  • pure-tone audiometry


HELIX for the easy, fast and accurate execution of tests

HELIX includes dedicated modules for HERMES and SOCRATES. They have been developed in order to be user-friendly, reducing the execution time of the tests, and preserving the highest accuracy and the best diagnostic reliability, thanks to:
 Quick Guide to the prepare the patients
 Algorithms of test automation and self-detection of audiometric and neurophysiological results
— Algorithms refining the displayed results
— Simplified interface, to quickly perform the tests, with ready-to-use protocols
 Expert interface, to change all the testing parameters, for research or further specific purposes